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If you would like to book one of Celtic Earth Spirits workshops for your own event or venue please contact us.

You can also find all of our current workshops and events on www.wherecanwego.com.

Talking With Trees

Two Trees

Trees Talk to Each Other in a Language that We Can Learn

  • Find out about their family bonds & relationships

  • How they communicate & interact
  • Learn how to see their energy fields
  • Hear their heartbeat & pulse
  • Hugging allowed but not compulsory

You will never look at trees in the same light again

Herbal Masterclass

Lotions 'N' Potions

Herbal Ingredients

“Nature itself is the best Physician” – Hippocrates

Have the confidence to make your own herbal products, cosmetics and remedies at home from totally natural ingredients.

A whole day covering all you need to know.

Time Travel with the Deep Time Walk

Image of Earth for the Deep Time Walk

The Earth is 4.6bn years old; on this 4.6km walk we journey across Earth’s 4.6bn geological timeline as we walk at a rate of 1 million years per metre.

A guided walk with dramatised narrative

  • How Earth formed. 
  • How our moon formed
  • Meet volcanoes & the immense meteorites of the Late Heavy Bombardment.
  • The Great Oxidation
  • The appearance of multicellular life.
  • The final 20cm represents just 200,000 years – the time during which we have been on Earth.

The Art of Ritual

Art of Ritual - Stone Spiral

“Ritual and ceremony in their due times kept the world under the sky and the stars in their courses. It was astonishing what ritual and ceremony could do” – Terry Pratchett

Whether it be sacred or secular, spiritual or mundane, vast areas of our lives are governed or influenced by ritual; far more than most of us realise. As Terry Pratchett so eloquently worded it in the above quote, it is amazing what ritual and ceremony can do. It is the thing that makes our world ‘right’ and adds structure and meaning to our lives.

Constructing ritual is an ‘Art’ if you want something that ‘flows’; otherwise you can end up with the ritual equivalent of the Morecambe and Wise/Andre Previn sketch:- ‘all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order‘. Performing a ritual is just that; a performance.

In this whole day workshop we cover:

  • What is Ritual?
  • The Purpose of Ritual
  • Genres of Ritual
  • Elements of Ritual
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Rites of Passage
  • The Turning Year
  • Correspondences
  • Deity & The Sacred

Create a Foragers & Wildlife Garden

Fruit Tree Guild example

Description Coming Soon

Food Plants for Free by Propogating

Description Coming Soon

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