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Earth Camp

Earth Camp

Find a Deep Connection with Mother Earth, Nature, Spirit of Place, Ancestors & Otherworld 
Unleash your true wild nature – Enjoy the Community of tribe.

Earth Camp – A Journey to the Soul

A physical experience that enables you to have a spiritual experience. 
By leaving behind everyday life you are putting yourself in the right frame of mind to help yourself grow within.


Cader Idris – Gwynedd

Cader Idris
Cader Idris taken from the Camp Grounds

Throughout the world there are dotted special places. Places where the ethereal veil that hangs between this world and Otherworld is that thin that it can be easily traversed, especially by those whose senses are developed.

These places, unsuprisingly, are known as ‘Thin Places’ and Cader Idris is one of them. She is also known as ‘Dragon Mountain’ and ‘The Gateway to the Otherworld’.

Cregennan Standing Stone
Cregennan Standing Stone
Carreg Y Big Menhir
Carreg Y Big Menhir
Craig Y Castell Bronze Age Hillfort

The Otherworld (Annwn) is home to ‘Y Tylwyth Teg’ (the Faer Folk) and their King Gwyn ap Nudd is leader of the wild hunt. It is also the abode of Elementals (nature spirits) and the home of the ancestors (in this area the Ordovices).

The Ordovices were an indigenous British tribe before and into the Roman period whose territory covered much of Mid-Wales and across into England.

The camping grounds are at the base of Cader (the hunting grounds of Gwyn ap Nudd) where the energies of mountain, river & Estuary combine. Above the camping grounds is the Cregennan plateau and lakes.

The Cregennan area was a major focus of funerary and ritual activity for the Ordovices (pictures surrounding) – a complex that would have been a focal point for a wide area & includes a communal bronze-age cemetery (Hafod Dywyll, Islaw’r Dref cairns).

Afon Gwynant
Afon Gwynant - flowing past campground
Arthog Stone Circle
Arthog Ring Cairn
Pared y Cefn Hir - Hillfort
Pared y Cefn Hir Hillfort
Ffordd Ddu - Bronze Age Trackway
The Ffordd Ddu - Bronze-Age trackway


I’ll definitely come back in the spring- Cader had a very profound effect on me x – Mags (Facebook)

‘Thank you had a brilliant time’ – Keith (Youtube)

‘Love it! What great memories’ – Alyson (Facebook)

‘Thanks Chris.  What a brilliant time!’ Pauline (Email)

In Welsh tales & legends Annwn (pronounced ah-noon) is described as a classical Celtic Otherworld Paradise – an ‘un-world’ – a mirror image of the place that we call home. It is the abode of the Gods and Goddesses and home to the Tylwyth Teg, the Faer Folk.

Merlin (TV Mini-Series 1998) filmed at Cregennan Lakes – near the location of EarthCamp & the site of many standing stones, cairns & hillforts.

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